Mpower™ High Frequency Power Supply

The Thermatool Mpower™ and CFE HF Heaters are compact, rugged Solid State High Frequency Power Supplies for heating applications. With their small footprint, the Mpower and CFE HF Heater conserve floor space while ensuring reliable performance in a tube mill environment. These power supplies are used in heating very small diameter and thin walled tubing that requires a high frequency current applied in both continuous and offline process applications. These applications include: paint coating, annealing of small diameter tube, surface drying and bright annealing.

Every Thermatool HF Heater is backed by world-leading materials knowledge, providing each customer with the best approach to meeting the most challenging heating application needs.


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  • SCR power controller/stabilizer.
  • Inherently short-circuit proof CFI inverter design.
  • HF power modules easily matched to any load.
  • Built in diagnostics with touch screen controls.
  • Low-water flow, over-temperature, over-voltage and safe circuit protection.
  • Compatibility of components with Thermatool HF Welders.

Tech Specs

Mpower CFE
Power Range Up to 100 kW Up to 300 kW
Output Frequency 80-300 kHz 80-300 kHz
Induction Coils Custom Custom
Positioning Table Optional Optional
Tachometer Optional Optional
Efficiency > 85% > 85%
Power Factor 0.95 0.95
Input 133 kVA (at 100 kW) 401 kVA (at 300 kW)
Input Line Current 160 A (480 V) 482 A (480 V)
Water Cooling Internal Internal
Closed Loop Temp. Control Standard Standard