Induction Processes and Applications

Induction Heat Treating

Many metals require heating and/or heat treating to achieve their optimum physical properties. Our focus is to lead the market in quality heating and heat treating equipment by providing flexible and innovative systems for long-life performance. Inductoheat heat treating equipment gives you the most flexible heat treating solution for today’s needs, and as tomorrow’s business changes, our standardized modules can be reconfigured to match your future production needs.

Our induction machines can perform various heat treating applications such as; scan, single-shot, lift/rotate, pick & place, rotary index and linear transfer.

Innovative Technology For Exceptional Performance

Advances in our heat treating technology includes new InductoScan® modular heat treating system with PC HMI/PLC program storage and touch screen controls. Inductoheat induction heating equipment is a sure formula for low cost and efficient production requirements.

Induction Forge Heating

Inductotherm Group Italy offers induction forge heating equipment used for heating a wide range of bar and billet diameters. Built to thrive in aggressive forging environments, the power supply in the InductoForge™ is the latest generation of an industrially proven system. The existing reliable technology is enhanced to provide unique features specifically benefiting the forging industry.

Innovative Technology For Exceptional Performance

Advances in our forge heating technology include new InductoForge™ billet heating system that uses a standardized modular design, which provides flexibility in power supplies, mechanical fixtures, controls and operation. Available for the InductoForge™ is the IHAZ™ Temperature Profile Modeling computer program. IHAZ™ is designed to set up an advanced temperature control to best suit each application.

Induction Low-Frequency Heating

Inductoheat manufactures heating equipment for an array of low frequency (60Hz) applications for many industries including; electric motor, OCTG and automotive.

Our experienced engineers design custom units for varnish and epoxy curing, lamination preheat for die casting and bluing, wire stripping, bond breaking, shaft shrink fit, bearing hardener, motor frame disassembly and more.

Innovative Technology For Exceptional Performance

IHS brand products have merged with Inductoheat, allowing for more options in 60Hz machines. The Mark 250 sets the industry standard for rotor and stator heating.

The IROSS™ line frequency systems offer interchangeable tooling packages that use FluxManger™ technology to heat stators, rotors, housings, armatures, gears, bearings, small crankshafts, DC armatures, vibration dampers, tubes, pipes and more.

Induction Tube & Pipe Heating

Inductoheat and sister company Thermatool Corp., offer a variety of induction heating systems for the pipe and tube industry. Thermatool’s focus is on the tube and pipe producers, while Inductoheat offers induction equipment for a variety of finishing applications.

Inductoheat’s patented FluxManager® Systems provide deep and uniform temperature distribution, ID/OD, laterally, and longitudinally along extended lengths of pipe ends.

Custom & Standard Systems For:

  • Pipe end normalizing after swaging: 60Hz – 10 kHz
  • Curing of paint, plastics and other coatings
  • Friction / arc weld pre-heat or normalizing
  • Pre-heat for hard banding or upset forging
  • Connections, sucker rods and tool joints
  • Austenitizing, quenching, tempering
  • Surface or through hardening
  • Heating for bending

Induction tube annealing equipment ranges from:

  • Standalone units that anneal small tube sections
  • High speed in-line annealing systems for copper tubing
  • Systems designed for integration into existing lines

For copper producers, a variety of feeder systems for the annealing process are available, including:

  • Basket to basket
  • Basket to layer-wound pack
  • Cut length bundle
  • Capillary tube spool to spool

Customized Induction Applications

Our metallurgical, technical and product expertise assure reliable and efficient performance when dealing with customized heat treating applications. Our dedicated team of scientists, engineers and maintenance experts will offer the best induction heating services for all your thermal processing needs.

Specialty Applications:

  • Simultaneous, dual frequency hardening
  • Small, medium and large gears
  • 10″ or less strip heating
  • Laboratory applications
  • Cylinder liner heating
  • Aluminum re-heating
  • Brazing applications
  • Semi-solid heating
  • Titanium heating
  • Small susceptor
  • Pinion heating
  • Wire stripping