Containerised Offshore Induction

To address the needs of field-based pipe jointing and coating operations within the oil and gas sector, Radyne Containerised Offshore Induction systems are a range of portable containerised mobile induction systems for use with induction heating systems such as the Radyne Merlin Field Joint Heating & Coating machine.

Available in both 10 ft. [3 m] and 20 ft. [6 m] sea containers, The systems Integrate robust 450TC3 power converters with water cooling system. The containers is fully air conditioned with internal lighting.

Designed for operation on land, at sea and in some of the world’s most inhospitable and potentially hazardous locations, Radyne fully integrated containerised systems meet the offshore sector’s stringent safety standards as demanded by lay vessel owners and their operators.



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Radyne Containerised Offshore Induction systems are robustly built and are Fully Portable for site or vessel change over. The containers come Certified to the DNV 2.7-1 standard for certification for offshore containers. The TC convertor makes use of a parallel output circuit that allows the use of remote placement of the induction heating station, through use of specialist air cooled co-axial power cables route lengths in excess of 50 m are possible for connection to remote capacitor banks with low levels of transmission losses.

To ensure absolute minimum downtime during high value operations the 20 ft container configuration comes fitted with twin convertors long with a Solid State Changeover Switch and Dual Chiller cooling systems for remote fast acting redundancy. While the first convertor is operational the second sits ready for use as a back-up. With switch control sited between the two units, operators are able to select either unit to run at any moment in time.

Tech Specs

20 ft Container10 ft Container
Length6058 mm3048 mm
Width2438 mm2438 mm
Height2591 mm2591 mm
Gross Weight8500 kg4600 kg
Converter Model2 x 450TC31 x 450TC3
Convertor Changeover Switch
Water Cooling System2 x 90 kW Chiller1 x 148 kW Sea Water Heat Exchange
Cooler Changeover Switch
Fire Suppression System
Internal Air Conditioning